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Been there, done that. Darrell & Iris are not only trained in the ways of Relocation, they have been through it. They spent 20 years in "the same house with the same company" and then received the "word" they were moving. They understand your questions, fears, and excitement. Darrell & Iris have experienced the moving companies, the motels, and the weekend flights. They know your questions about new homes, new schools, and new shopping. Like you, they have experienced the uncertainty of Relocation. Because they have walked in your shoes, so to speak, they set apart in their ability to understand your needs and have empathy for your situation. Please feel free to review Darrell & Iris' Relocation Resume'

As REALTORS® we are very active with Relocation. We have helped many families such as yours through the moving process. Beyond listing your house or buying your new home and well into your move we are prepared to stay with you throughout the process. We are trained by, and Certified by, the major Relocation Companies in the country. If you are working with a Relocation Company, we will work with your representative to be sure that all of the paperwork is processed properly and that your move goes smoothly. We will be with you through the inspections and repairs, through the contract negotiations and through the closing. We will be with you until you are secure and happy with your sale.   

We understand that you have a move to make and responsibilities in life beyond Real Estate. Our job is to take care of the Real Estate details and let you proceed with the rest of your life. Darrell & Iris look forward to working with you and helping you with a smooth move to the Baton Rouge area. Please contact us to review your move or request a Free Relocation Packet loaded with helpful information. We know the Baton Rouge Real Estate market so please.....

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